" We will be welcoming Magenta back to further assess our growing team and office space" - Rich Dean

Dear Scott,

I would just like to say how impressed and grateful myself and the team were after our fire risk assessment and fire marshal training that we undertook with you.

As a business owner who started a business with no prior experience and then grown that business to employ multiple team members, it can be quite overwhelming and confusing as to all the legal obligations that a company has with regards to health/ safety and the welfare of your employees, so it was very reassuring to find out from you exactly what steps we needed to take.

The fire risk assessment that we undertook highlighted some obvious gaps in the provision of our office. We have since taken your guidance on board and implemented various improvements to our office environment and internal processes, including purchasing fire extinguishers, having our electrical equipment PAT tested, introducing waste scheduling, producing a more comprehensive fire plan and visitor sign-in book, and also improving our evacuation procedure.

We have practiced this many times now and the team are fully trained in what to do if we need to evacuate the building.

There were some parts that were outside of our control, in terms of how the wider building is built and maintained, but the fire risk assessment that you gave me has sparked our landlords to improve the overall office environment.

Overall, myself and the team feel much more confident in our ability to manage an emergency, and as the business owner I feel more confident that I have taken the necessary steps to provide a safer working environment for myself and my team.

I will of course be reviewing this again in the future and will be welcoming Scott from Magenta back to further assess our growing team and office space.

Kind regards,

Rich Dean


Supersonic Playground Ltd


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